10 Worst Exercises for People Over 40

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As we age, our bodies become more and more fragile. It is easy to assume that with repetition and consistent exercise, our bodies will continue to endure. However, the fact of the matter is that as we age, the more necessary it becomes to adjust our workout routine accordingly, to get results and avoid injury! Here are 10 of the worst exercises for people over the age of 40:

1. Hovering Leg Lifts

5. Hovering Leg Lifts


Hovering leg lifts are a wonderful way to work out your core. Unfortunately, it is another exercise that is better off for the younger generation. The chance of pulling a back muscle is highly likely when performing this exercise. Remember, your body has newfound sensitivity that needs to be taken into consideration.

2. Leg Extensions

4. Leg Extensions


Once you hit 40, it’s time to avoid leg extensions! They are a major risk to the knees, especially with heavy weights in play. The knees were not designed to fully extend while resisting heavy weights. Knee and ankle injuries are likely when performing this exercise.

3. Ab Exercises

1. Ab Exercises


Across the board, ab exercises are not effective at burning belly fat. That is a consistent misnomer that people of all ages tend to fall for. Instead, it is effective at toning and strengthens muscles that are already devoid of fat. Ab exercises like crunches and sit-ups cause curvature of the spine, which increases the possibility of spinal fractures, which is more likely as we age. And in middle age, the most common type of injury is spinal injuries.

4. Cardio

2. Cardio


While cardio is a steadfast way to fend off body fat for many young people, it can be detrimental for many people over 40! Recent studies have proven that doing conventional cardio can be taxing on your body, and in turn increases the stress hormone “cortisol” and causes you to gain belly fat! So if you’ve been doing hardcore cardio, it may be time to reconsider your routine.

5. Yoga


Yoga is a wonderful exercise, and is most effective for improving your mindfulness and inner consciousness. However, it’s NOT a very effective physical exercise, and can actually be damaging to women over the age of 40. Many moves required in yoga can be incredibly physically taxing, and can lead to injury. Most importantly, yoga does not help build muscle, burn fat, or slow the aging process like it claims.

6. Squats

9. Squats


Squats are one of the most prominent leg and glute exercises, and they are so effective! But once you hit middle age, doing squats basically paves the way to injury, especially if you prefer doing them with weights. This exercise puts your body in a vulnerable position that is open to increased likelihood of strains, muscle tears, and muscle pulls. The last thing you want is to be on the operating table.

7. Standing Toe Touches

6. Standing Toe Touches


Like hovering leg lifts, this exercise is another sure way to give you a back injury. As we age, the joints that attach our hips and lower back significantly weakens and becomes more susceptible to fractures. It is imperative that you warm up immensely before performing this exercise, if you absolutely have to.

8. Deadlifts

10. Deadlifts


Once our bodies pass that 40th year, it cannot endure certain strain and stresses that it once was able to. Deadlifting is a perfect example. You will find that instead of reaping the benefits of intense deadlift training, you wake up sore and perhaps unable to move. All the while, not gaining the muscle you intend.

9. Behind the Neck Presses

7. Behind the Neck Presses


If you enjoy being able to freely move your neck and shoulders, then we recommend that you DO NOT do any behind the neck presses. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been at it for years! The fact is, once you hit that wonderful age of 40, putting your body in the unnatural position required for this, will almost certainly injury you.

10. Trunk Twists

8. Trunk Twists



Oh trunk twists! They are a wonderful way to keep those love handles in control. But they’re also a great way to put unnecessary strain on your neck and back. Once you reach middle age, the rotating motion required for trunk twists makes you more susceptible to injury. If you are not willing to give up on trunk twists, it’s incredibly important to warm up before doing them!